1. We’re loving these beautiful art nouveau illustrations by Arthur Rackham from Little Brother & Little Sister and Other Tales by the Brothers Grimm (1917).

    Newberry call number: Wing folio ZP 945 .R1092

  2. An interesting (and useful) type specimen from Morisawa Font.

    Newberry call number: Case Wing folio Z250 .A5 Box 22 

  3. Three pages from three International Typeface Corporation catalogs from the 1970s

    Newberry call numbers:

    Wing folio Z250.5.A93 I58 1974

    Wing folio Z250.5.B38 I58 1976

    Wing folio Z250.5.B66 I58 1976

  4. Here are some type ornaments for all of your contemporary architecture/engingeering planning needs from Presstamp Pressure Symbols (1966) by Para-Tone Inc.

    Newberry call number: Wing folio Z250.3 .P37 1966

  5. Beautiful engravings from the volume of plates accompanying Réflexions et observations anatomico-chirurgicales sur l’anévrisme (1809-1813) by Scarpa. The engravings were done by Adam based on the original etchings by Anderloni.

    Newberry call number: Wing oversize ZP 839 .C85153

  6. TGIF!

    Today we share with you two of our favorite things: typefaces and wine!

    Newberry call number: Case Wing Z250 .A5 Box 14.

  7. This 1928 Intertype Corporation catalog promotes Cheltonian as the perfect typeface to suit “every printing need.”

    Newberry call number: Wing Z250.5.C54 I58 1928

  8. TGIF!

    Here’s something fun for the weekend: The Daschund from More Animals (1901) by Oliver Herford. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Newberry call number: Wing ZP 983 .H4182

  9. Pages from a 1923 Mergenthaler Linotype Company Company catalog of Caslon Old Face.

    Newberry call number: Wing folio Z250.5.C37 M47 1923

  10. Happy Labor Day!

    The Catalogue of Electrotyped Cuts from American Type Founders offers some very interesting and unique type ornaments. Our favorite has to be from the last image where below President George Washington you can purchase a type ornament of… his dentures? Yep, you’re seeing that right.

    Newberry call number: Wing Z250.3 .A44 1910z

  11. TGIF!

    Another recipe from ITC’s Alphabet Soups (1984) for your weekend enjoyment.

  12. The cataloging of a collection of 118 German language chapbooks, most printed between 1820s-1850s, was recently completed. Their topics are mainly sensational, and definitely reflect common fears and interests of their time.

    These woodcuts are from two chapbooks featuring thrilling tales of animal attacks. The one on the left, Geschichte von dem Muthvollen, Russischen Bauernknaben Jonas, Welcher Seinen Grossvater den 8. August 1835 aus den Klauen eines Bären Errettete, und ihn beim Leben Erhielt (1835?), tells the tale of a young Russian farm boy who saves his grandfather from a bear attack.

    The one on the right, Die Gefährliche Adlerjagd (between 1830 and 1850?) details an eagle attack on hunters trying to capture eagle chicks to train for future hunting expeditions. (Pro tip: When descending a gorge, don’t wave your sword in the air near your rope— even if you’re being dive-bombed by angry eagle parents).

    Newberry call numbers:

    Case Wing folio ZC 1 19 no. 80

    Case Wing folio ZC 1 19 no. 48

  13. Frontispiece from Ixion in Heaven (1925), illustrated by John Austen

    Newberry call number: Wing ZP 945 .A9328

  14. Another take on the Tempo typeface from Ludlow, Tempo Light and Bold (1931), demonstrating the different weights of Tempo Ludlow was then offering.

    Newberry call number: Wing Z250.5 .T46 L835 1931

  15. Tempo Medium (1930) a beautiful minimalist typeface catalog from the Ludlow Typograph Co.

    Newberry call number: Wing Z250.5 .T46 L83 1930